First-Motion Focal Mechanism for Event nc71968115

The focal mechanism shown below graphically portrays the orientation of the fault plane on which the earthquake occurred and the direction of relative motion on that plane. This information was automatically calculated from the first motion directions of the compressional (P) waves. A more detailed explanation describes how to interpret a focal mechanism. If more than one mechanism exists for this earthquake, then any of the solutions fit the first-motion data equally well.

NCSS First Motion Mechanism
 (double-couple source assumed) 
 Event Date & Time          : 04/08/2013 05:52:58 GMT = Sun Apr 07 22:52:58 PDT 2013
 Location                   : 38.8360 N, 122.8765 W 
                            : (38 deg. 50.16 min. N, 122.deg. 52.59 min. W) 
 Depth                      :  3.3 km. deep (  2.0 miles) 
 Magnitude                  : 2.0 MD 
 # P First motions          :  48 
 Strike uncertainty         :  20 deg. 
 Dip    uncertainty         :  33 deg. 
 Rake   uncertainty         :  40 deg.